The Panorama Maker

Me, Myself and Shutter Sounds.

So it began with a nice start up with books and report cards but with my growing brains I realized that I am not made for books, I have come on this earth for a very special purpose. I kept searching for that very reason I was alive for. Meanwhile I struggled with sorting my books and exams. I entered my college life and bought this life changing camera Canon 1000d. The moment I held it in my hands I experienced my soul doubling with energy and life and it was that very moment the voice came from the skies “Son, this is what you were born for, you have to freeze time for people and make their bonds stronger with your super powers of converting them into real time beautiful panoramas.”

Since, that day I left my engineering and got onto this mission I was born for. I chose it as my profession as I didn’t run on air or water for survival. Today, people around me love me for what I am and what I do for them, “Photography”.